Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lo's jams!

Extra super easy*.
I made these with flannel and Simplicity pattern #2326.
So easy that I really should have been able to make Derek's too.
But I have not yet.  YET.

*easy of you make sure that you cut enough pieces.*
For some reason I only cut 1 of 2 chest pieces.
I had a slight problem trying to get it all to match up :)

*and easy if you check to make sure that your childs head will fit through the opening before it's all sewn together.
Let's just say it's hard to find a way to find some space after the fact.
But I did.  It is not pretty, but no one knows.
Well, except you now. Shhhh!!

Thanks for checking them out!
Can't wait to get started on Dereks set.

I linked up with the PJ Party :)


  1. Thanks for linking up Amy! Isn't it amazing how much faster it is to sew PJs than a quilt?!

  2. Cute ~ looks like a karate style top, he must love them!


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