Sunday, October 17, 2010

Finger Oven Mitts (a tutorial)

It might be my birthday (tomorrow!) But I have something for you!!  Have  you seen those really cute “finger” oven mitts? They just cover your fingers and your thumb (kind of like a puppet). Well-if you can find a tutorial on how to make them you are a much better web surfer than I am. To solve that-a tut for you by me!! I have read many a tutorial. Let’s hope I learned something. Feel free to let me know if something does not make sense and I will try to clarify :)

Supplies Needed:
4 pieces of fabric scraps
1 longer piece of fabric for binding/hanger 
Batting scraps

Make your template. (I will upload a basic one as soon as I can) in the meantime:
Make a rectangle 8.5 x 4.5* & round the edges. I will call this the “hand” piece.
     Cut 2 from fabric and 2 from batting
Make another rectangle 6 x 5* & round the edges. I will call these the “finger” pieces. (you will want this just a bit bigger so there is room for your hand!)
     Cut 2 from fabric and 1 from batting.
     Take batting piece and cut it in half making 2- 3 x 5 pieces.
Make a strip 25 x 2 ½ binding and a hanger (optional).
                *this size is based off of my hand, which is not all that, adjust as needed  

Take 1 hand piece fabric, wrong side up and place the 2 batting pieces on top.
Follow that with the other piece of fabric right side up. Makes a batting sandwich.

Take 1 finger piece fabric and fold it in half wrong sides together.
Place 1 finger piece of batting in between.
Press or pin closed.
Do this with both pieces.

To make the hanger
Take 3 ½ inches from your binding.
Press in half.
Open and press edges to the center, then fold and press in half again.
Sew along the open edge to close it.

Place the finger pieces on top of the hand piece (curved edges matching) and sew with a just-short ¼ inch seam. This allows for the binding to be sewn on and the stitches not show.

You can also add the hanger in this step in the middle on the finger side of the mitt. (I would suggest to not to put it on the outside of the mitt as it could get hooked on something inside the oven)

Trim any excess batting that was squished out during sewing. (Extremely technical, I know)
Flip binding over and using a zig-zag stitch finish the binding.
--Since binding tutorials are a plenty, I am too lazy to make one of my own. But I can suggest Amy’s tutorial from Diary of a Quilter. Yes, it’s for a quilt-but it’s the same principle. Since we are working with such small section of fabric, I use the straight seam not the diagonal.

And-TADA! Your very own finger mitt!

OK-this one was my tester... a little small. 
The dimensions given are for a bigger mitt!

  Have fun!  Please let me know if you try this out and how it works for you!!

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