Monday, March 8, 2010

Later today...or a week...

So sue me.  I had the best of intentions to post some pictures...but, well.

I have been busy sewing, sewing, crocheting, crocheting...little bit of house cleaning...some cutting to get ready to sew...

1)Hexagon runner.  I made it using this great tutorial.
2)Hexagon pieces that I will be making into a huge table runner.
3)Strips that will be made into a disappearing nine patch quilt for D.
4)A disappearing nine patch baby blanket for a gal at work. **Notice the brown patch in the middle?  Yeah, that's me and my great math skills.  I did not get enough fabric and pulled this idea out of my
head. (Ha!  Did you think something else??)  Anyway, very proud that I was able to make it work!!
5)Crochet Penquin (6 more to go for a penquin army for Lo...)
6)Crochet elephant (Pink one in the works)
7)And can you guess what these pieces make?  This. How stinking CUTE is he??

Hmmm...I think that is it. Isnt' that enough??
See, there is life after/during giveaways!  Next time though, I will make sure it's not a marathon post!

Thanks for stopping by :)

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