Saturday, March 13, 2010


Well.  I know last post (just last night...) I praised my hubs for fixing the sewing machine.  Yeah, ummm.  He didn't.  I did not actually verify after he said it was fixed.  We watched a movie and then I fell asleep.

So, when the boys got me up this morning I had to give it a shot.  2 stitches forward, 1 stitch back. Again, again and again.  He tore into it but to no avail.  It's not his fault, it does look very complex in there.

So, I am excited because I get to go machine shopping.  But sad because a new machine is pretty pricey. 

But, HEY-I get a new machine ;)  And I get it today because birthday gifts are waiting to be finished!!


  1. I noticed you have a "brother" I had one of those too....killed it in less than a year...took it back to Costco for a full refund...ended up with a 1500.00 bernina from the quilting it...good luck!

  2. How do I put this in a way that your readers will understand. BULLSHIT!! I fixed it you just need to learn how to run it. No need to buy you another one if you do not know how to use the one you have.

    The Hubs


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