Sunday, March 14, 2010

eating crow

OK, so I thought it was broken.  Then I was at the Quitling Bee looking at beautiful Bernina's.  And I was shown a top stich (I cannot remember the name if it!) and it went forward 2 and back 1, forward 2 back 1.  I started laughing and the lady looked at me like I was special.  I told her that I just realized that my machine was not broken at all, that it was probably just the knob showing it was on a different setting.

So, while the machine might look complex on the inside-the hubs has it covered.  It's just me totally not noticing where the pattern dial knob is set at.
This is the Pattern Dial.  Notice the huge piece of tape stating what it is (thanks Grandma!)  Not even the tape helped me realize that it was set at 2 instead of 1. Ha Ha Ha!
Sorry hubs.  But the Bernina's come with classes so I can learn the machine.  I can take it as many times as I want.  (this is me still wanting a new one :))

I did make some progress on the birthday gift though.  Hopefully I will get to a sewing point today.

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