Sunday, January 31, 2010

Now with Parchment Paper

Whew.  I made up a bunch of the candy cane hearts this morning.  Once you are using the correct tools-this craft is super easy.
I did come up with a few tricks that helped me...Like tongs.  I tried to use my fingers to pinch the bottoms around the stick-but I am a wimp and it burned.  Hence the tongs.  I do use my fingers to press down  after I use the tongs-just so it looks nice.
And, when I place the canes on the cookie sheet, I overlap where they meet at the top and the bottom.  Then you do not have to press the tops together because they melt together and it's a little less pinching for the bottom.

And, I kinda came up with something a little new.  (I am sure I am not THE person who came up with it, but I am still taking some credit...) 
You know there are always broken canes?  Take the bigger pieces and put them in the center of the canes & melt them!  It makes a really cute sucker!
Happy Valentine's Day :) 

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